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Livin’ Adidas Loca

We runnin’ this s***! …no, not THAT “s”-word! Shoe. Get your mind out of the gutter! Adidas Running’s new ad campaign with Parley is all about saving the ocean, one kilometer at a time. We’re very on board with that, especially since they used one of our songs for their latest commercial!! Forgot that we’re the greatest? […]

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Take A Peek: The Week Of

I have a long, complicated relationship with Adam Sandler. His standup is amazing, and every time I get to catch him live it’s the best show ever – he’s a total genius on stage. Outside standup, he can can be a little…interesting (but if you talk shit about Eight Crazy Nights we’re gonna have a problem). That’s […]

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Ibiza (If You Please-a)

It might seem obvious at this point, but we love making party music. And not that background, characters-talking-over-the-drop, barely noticeable s***. We’re talking loud, face-melting party music, front & center. Thankfully, the folks at original Netflix film Ibiza love that sweet, sweet hype music as much as we do, and asked us to score a fat […]

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Drew Who?

Who ever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Well, substitute “dog” for “man”, and “new tricks” for “mad b-ball game” (do I sound cool?), and you’ve got Uncle Drew. Except he’s the one doing the schooling, not the learning – he’s already a legend. So…this analogy doesn’t really apply here. Can’t fault […]

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We’re The Life of the Party

We’re not 100% sure, but we think Melissa McCarthy has a thing for us. Why else would we be in so many of her movies?! It’s like she has a crush on us or something. The Boss, Spy, Identity Thief, and now her newest flick, Life of the Party! If it’s a crush, we’re kinda into it. […]

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Talk the Talk & Block the Block

John Cena is an American treasure. Everything he touches turns to gold (or just gets really sweaty), and is the ultimate symbol of “fake it til you make it” (literally, since he got his start in fake wrestling and ultimately moved on to multi-million dollar acting gigs). That’s how you do it! He’s starring alongside […]

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It’s a G-O for The Last OG

Who doesn’t love Jordan Peele? The dude can’t do anything wrong, especially after all the critical acclaim surrounding “Get Out” and winning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay (!!). Anything he touches from this point forward probably turns to gold. Which is excellent news for us, because we just landed Chubb Rock’s “Here It Comes” in the […]

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Easy Peasy Ibiza

I’ve never been to a rave, but I think I get the picture: lots of molly, not enough water, Skrillex look-alikes everywhere you look. Me not having ever gone to a rave before is less because I’m “opposed” to it and more because I don’t have “friends” who “invite” me to things. I’m “okay”. There’s […]

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Welcome To the Jungle

Topping Robin Williams on anything in comedy is a Herculian feet; the guy was a genius. So when we heard that there was a new Jumanji movie coming out, we were skeptical, even if it boasted a cast of Kevin Hart, The Rock, and Jack Black. Imagine our surprise, then, when we learned that Jumanji: Welcome […]

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Son of a Pitch

You know those deep adult regrets you suddenly find you have at 4 in the morning, without any rhyme or reason? “Why didn’t I ask her out”/”Should I have studied harder in college?”/”Why, god, why did I think a 2am burrito was a good idea?!” My biggest one lately is “Why didn’t my parents get […]

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