Spider-Man: Homecoming

Project: Spider-Man: Homecoming Multiple Song Placements

Client: Format

Description: Look out – here comes the Spider-Man! And with him, two sweet Math Club tunes! You heard that right! Even though they’ve replaced our favorite actor Tobey Maguire with this other random kid, we’re still pretty hyped on the opportunity to be in the first good Spider-Man movie in over a decade (sorry Tobey). Not to say Andrew Garfield didn’t do a good job – we’re just saying that Spidey’s inclusion in the Marvel universe was well-needed and a long time coming. After all, who doesn’t wanna see Iron Man and Spider-Man working together in the same movie?! Sociopaths, that’s who. Check out one of our songs featured in the movie, Craig Craig’s “In The Air”, as well as a trailer below!