Pitch Perfect 2

Project: Pitch Perfect 2 Remix, Re-Performance, & Original Song Placement

Client: Music Soup

Description: Man, and I thought I heard a lot of females screaming at the last Chip N Dales performance I gave (you can check me out every Thursday night…I go by “Bubbles”). Pitch Perfect 2 has an insane following…and rightfully so. It’s an amazing franchise that just keeps getting better and better. We here at Math Club are lucky to be a part of it. We wrote a song that was used in the Bumper & Fat Amy love-scene (spoiler alert), did a remix of the hit single “Flashlight” and my personal favorite, did a re-creation of John Legend’s “All Of Me” for the end scene (I won’t give it away). But you can check it out here…built from the ground up, baby!