Dolemite Is My Name

Project: Dolemite Is My Name Song Curation

Client: Netflix

Description:  Dolemite might be his name, but Math Club is our name. And we do what we do best: curate some kickass music for kickass movies, obviously! With a star-studded cast including Eddie Murphy, Keegan-Michael Key, Craig Robinson, Snoop Dogg, and Bob Odenkirk, it already had all the trimmings of the movie of 2019. Then suddenly we were asked to work with James Fauntleroy of Drake/Justin Timberlake/Kendrick Lamar fame on piecing together the music. Uhhhh…okay!! We ended up producing new masters of some classic songs with Craig Robinson (The Office) and Eddie Murphy, among other curation for the film. Our very own Beatnet even ended up being an actor, sitting in on Dolemite’s band as a drummer! You know, normal stuff. You already know the name.

Check out a trailer below!