The Mouse & Cat Are Coming Back!

Have you ever watched Tom and Jerry – I mean, taken a really good look at it? If you read the subtext of what’s going on in this supposedly innocuous kid’s show, it just might break you down. Tom never catches Jerry. No, I mean never catches Jerry in 18 years of the show’s original run. He’s just barely, barely out of reach every time; sometimes, Tom has Jerry in his claws for a mere moment of victory, only for the satisfaction to be snatched away within seconds due to some act of god. It’s like you’re constantly holding your breath for the one moment of relief that never comes – in fact, Tom is constantly punished for chasing after his prize. If that ain’t a metaphor for the American dream, I don’t know what is. On a less existential note, Tom and Jerry is being rebooted in an all-new film, coming our way in 2021! And we just so happen to be helping bring this movie to fruition by programming the score. Will our participation in T&J 2021 help Tom finally catch the rat bastard? We don’t know, but after 2020 being an entire year of unrealized goals and dissatisfaction with the world, we can only pray. Trailer to come soon, but in the meantime, watch a classic below!