Daytime Divas

Project: Daytime Divas Song Placement

Client: VH1

Song: Chick Norris – “Fly Girls Do It”

Description: A wise sage once said, “A diva is a female version of a hu-stla”. And while we don’t know very many hustlas (we grew up very sheltered), we know more than a handful of divas, which is why we were a perfect fit to make a song for Daytime Divas! For those of you who don’t think you’ve met a diva in person, trust me, you have: you saw her when she complained about her grande mocha frappucino not having enough soymilk in it, and you saw her when she openly mocked the young lady in front of her at Ralph’s for paying in food stamps (it’s like, girl, you’re shopping at Ralph’s too). Still feel like you’re missing out? Check out “Fly Girls Do It” by Chick Norris below, for starters!