Project: Multiple (and we mean multiple) song placements

Client: Aperture

Description: Ahh, cockblocking; an all-American pastime. No one does a better job at cockblocking than parents. And if your dad was John Cena, you couldn’t get away with anything. You’d never have a boyfriend if you were his daughter (what guy would meet your dad and think, yeah, I can still get away with dating you), and you’d never have a girlfriend if you were his son (because let’s face it, she’d be all over him instead). Blockers is a case example of just how much c*ck a parent can block if they put their mind to it.

John Cena stars in this raunch-com, and so do we. That’s because we have over 20 songs in this dang flick. You read it right!! We basically scored it. Unreal! Check out the trailer below!