Hella Cinderella

“It’s beginning to look a lot liiike Chriiiiistmas” I sing rapturously. “But Math Club,” you say, confused, “it’s the middle of June!” “Silence you vapid ape,” I reply. You stand there stunned before realizing, oh, that’s right, Math Club created, produced, and recorded a buttload of songs for the new Cinderella Story movie, Christmas Wish! […]

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Listen, we could talk about what a legacy Shaft is and how it kickstarted the blaxploitation renaissance, but honestly, you coulda just stopped at Sam Jackson! If you haven’t heard of the Shaft series before, 1) where have you been since 1971, 2) boy are you in for a treat, and 3) there’s no better time than 2019 to get into it! […]

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Call Me Maybe

If you’ve never seen Ali Wong’s Netflix special Hard Knock Wife, stop whatever you’re doing, do yourself a favor and watch it right now. Go on, I’ll wait!  Even if you’ve never heard of her (to be fair, I hadn’t before a friend recommended her to me), you’re going to laugh til you almost puke […]

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My Spy (With My Little Eye)

You know, in general, we’re (obviously) pretty happy to do as much on-camera song production as we can! When you throw Dave Bautista in the mix, that’s when we get jacked. Almost as jacked as he is. Almost. We did a bit of song production for some on-camera scenes for his latest movie, My Spy […]

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I Think, Therefore I Ham

If you didn’t know by now, we’re deep in the superhero game. It should come as no surprise that the new Spider-Man movie, Into The Spider-Verse, wanted us to do a cover of the Spider-Man theme song, but replacing everything with “Spider-HAM” and making everything a pig/pork/bacon pun. …okay, it’s a little surprising. But you know […]

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Florida is a crazy place. There’s literally an entire meme subculture dedicated to Florida Man, which is a catch-all for every insane news story that spawns from the Sunshine State. It’s no surprise, then, that we’d be part of that insanity! We’re making a ton (and we mean a ton) of dope-ass hip hop tracks […]

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Sup, Fam

One kid is a lot to deal with. I mean, I don’t have kids yet, but I’ve seen the look on my friends’ eyes after the weeks of sleepless nights and unlimited diaper changes and I’m not here for it. Now, imagine going into an adoption agency wanting to bring in a new member of […]

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Swish Swish, Crazy Rich

When you hear a movie called Crazy Rich Asians, what would you guess the movie’s about? You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking it’s probably something Hangover-esque, involving a plethora of drunken casino scenes and a guest appearance by Ken Jeong at some point, right? Actually…you’d be half right! Ken Jeong is definitely part of CRA, but the movie is less […]

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Ozark’s…So Dark

Sorry for the awful pun in the title, but it couldn’t be more true – no show in recent years has simultaneously captivated and repulsed people by its grit and unflinching depictions of violence and drugs since Breaking Bad. Jason Bateman absolutely crushes his role as a financial planner-turned-drug launderer, and the supporting cast is some […]

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Don’t Fear The Creeper

Do zombies freak you out? I guess it kinda depends on which ones we’re talking about, huh? Like, Frankenstein (who is, without question, categorically a zombie) just kinda walks slowly with his arms outstretched, but the 28 Days Later zombies are probably the worst-case scenario for any survivors in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe. The ones in […]

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