Don’t Fear The Creeper

Do zombies freak you out? I guess it kinda depends on which ones we’re talking about, huh? Like, Frankenstein (who is, without question, categorically a zombie) just kinda walks slowly with his arms outstretched, but the 28 Days Later zombies are probably the worst-case scenario for any survivors in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe. The ones in The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead don’t fuck around. Sure, they might shamble around a little aimlessly, and fine, they might not be the smartest zombies out there, but once they get their hands on you, that’s it, you’re done, kaput. …sorry, I can get a little lost in the semantics of zombies (ladies). We’re happy to represent our love of zombies in Fear the Walking Dead with a placement in the latest season!

Check out a trailer for season 4 below!