Swish Swish, Crazy Rich

When you hear a movie called Crazy Rich Asians, what would you guess the movie’s about? You wouldn’t be faulted for thinking it’s probably something Hangover-esque, involving a plethora of drunken casino scenes and a guest appearance by Ken Jeong at some point, right? Actually…you’d be half right! Ken Jeong is definitely part of CRA, but the movie is less of a raunch-com and more of a rom-com. And it. Is. Excellent. It stays really true to the bestselling book it’s based off of, and is making headlines for being a movie that is 1) adapted by a book written by a Singaporian author, 2) directed by an Asian-American, and 3) containing an all-Asian cast. We did a couple of songs for this killer flick, and maybe even an end title song with Awkwafina. Wouldn’t that be something…crazy?

A teaser just got released for Crazy Rich Asians; check it out below!