Nickname: Cheapshot

Instruments: Keyboard, Turntables, Kazoo

Description: Founder, Fabio impersonator


Jason Rabinowitz

Nickname: Spinowitz

Instruments: Keyboard, Triangle, Air Drums on Rollerskates

Description: Co-Founder, Producer

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Craig Smith

Nickname: President Smith

Instruments: Keyboard, Vocals, The Power of Inspiration

Description: Rapper, Producer, Innovator

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Brayden Deskins

Nickname: Noodles

Instruments: Guitar, Ukulele, Mad Dog 357

Description: Music Coordinator, Songwriter, Burrito Crusher


Cameron Marygold

Nickname: Cam-Dawg

Instruments:  Guitar, Drums, Musical Saw

Description: Engineer, Producer, Mix-Master Flash

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Brandon Stewart

Nickname: Beatnet

Instruments: Drums, Keys, Spoons

Description: Rapper, Producer, Hot Sauce Enthusiast


Isaac Lucas

Nickname: Relaye

Instruments: Vocals, Keys, Conch Shell

Description: Songwriter, Producer, Bar Administer

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Luke Dimond

Nickname: Duke

Instruments: Guitar, Vocals, Mayonnaise

Description: Engineer, Songwriter, Made From The Stuff Inside Gushers

Jordyn Kane

Jordyn Kane

Nickname: Lucille Baller

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, and dat ol’ Lyrical Fire

Description: Songwriter, Producer, Christina Aguilera’s Vocal Inspiration