Boys, Boys, Boys

What happens when you combine the boys from The Backstreet Boys and the boys from The Boys? Boys, boys, and (you guessed it) more boys! In the newest, third season of The Boys, a new superhero rises up to join the Seven – a man named Supersonic, who previously was a member of a Backstreet Boys sound-alike band that wrote very…edgy(?) songs about (potentially underage?) girls. You already know where we’re going with this…we had the privilege of being one of the pervs behind Supersonic and helped write his hit song, “License to Drive (Me Crazy)”! Honestly, it’s just an honor to have seen him sing and dance to this song in front of Homelander – what a dream boat! If you don’t think he’s a hunk now, just wait until he destroys the planet due to his blind rage and emotional instability! Big daddy energy!!

Check out a trailer for the newest season of The Boys below!